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Nature, thermal water and well-being

At the Hotel Petriolo Terme Spa well-being comes from nature itself, and mostly from the 43 degree boiling sulfurous water of Bagni di Petriolo which has been flowing out from the heart of the earth for thousands of years and which fills the pools of the hotel.

Our thermal centre proposes an elegant path designed to positively stimulate and revive all your body through various pools and different sensorial experiences.

Relax inside the pool filled with the beneficial waters of Bagni di Petriolo and try the delicate touch of jets of water in the pool with hydromassage, the pleasant tonic waterfall, the calm of Turkish bath, and then plunge into a world of ice and vapours, perfumes with hot warm and cold showers, water and colours.

The waters of Petriolo spa

The first news we have about Petriolo Baths date back to 1230, though the Romans knew them as Cicero mentioned them in one of his orations and Martial in an epigram.
During the Renaissance, more exactly at the beginning of the 15th century, was built the first thermal masonry structure, facing the northern bank of Farma river, in the area of Monticiano.

Chemical-physical features of Petriolo water

The thermal water of Petriolo rises at 43° Celcius from the spring set on the bank of Farma river with an average flow of about 40 litres per second.
Its strong smell of sulphur is due to the presence of large quantities of hydrogen sulphide (hydrogen sulphide level 21 mg/l). It also contains free carbon dioxide, calcium, fluorine and chloride, sulfate and hydrogen carbonate ions.
Due to its high level of mineralization and its temperature, the water of Petriolo was defined as a water rich in salts, hyper thermal and in the general classification of thermal waters it is included in the class of hydrogen sulfide, saliferous – sulphate – bicarbonate hydrogen carbonate – alkaline earth – hyperthermal waters.

Therapeutic properties

The specific features of the water provide several therapeutic properties which have been known since the time of the Romans and stayed unchanged until nowadays.
The waters are rich in calcium carbonate and in magnesium so they leave an abundance of deposits. Among microelements there are bromine and iodine ions, but above all arsenic, which, together with hydrogen sulphide, is particularly effective for dermatological and dermocosmetic problems.
Among the different therapeutic indications: skin disorders (acne, psoriasis, eczema), locomotor system (chronic arthropathy, osteoarticular diseases) and respiratory diseases (pharyngitis, sinusitis, rhinitis).

Mercure Petriolo Siena Terme Spa
Mercure Petriolo Siena Terme Spa
Mercure Petriolo Siena Terme Spa
Mercure Petriolo Siena Terme Spa
Mercure Petriolo Siena Terme Spa
Mercure Petriolo Siena Terme Spa
Mercure Petriolo Siena Terme Spa
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